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Initial Consultations

30 min Initial Consultation

This will include a full consultation of your injury or pain including history, and an objective assessment. You will then get a full explanation of the problem and what can be done to resolve it including any treatment which will help. You will also receive a full exercise rehabilitation program to go away with.

Price: £40


60 min Initial Consultation with Treatment

The consultation protocol is the same but this session will include your first treatment. If you book this session but then find treatment is not indicated you will only be charged for the 30 min consultation.

Price: £70 (save £10)

initial sports injury consultation

Sports massage

Sports Massage

30 or 60 mins per session

This deep tissue massage can be tailored to suit your sporting and/or individual needs. It can be used before an event to help get you prepared, or can be used afterwards to help you recover. Sports massage can also be used for general day-to-day aches and pains such as backache and tension headaches.

Price: £35 / £60

Sports Massage


Exercise and Sports Performance Rehabilitation

This will include demonstration and supervision of your individually specific exercise rehabilitation program. In the early stages after an injury this will be carried out at the clinic but as you progress to late stage/functional/sports specific training there is the opportunity to be handed over to the specialist strength and conditioning personal trainers that work closely with the clinic. The strength and conditioning program will be written based on your sporting performance goals with any previous injury/rehabilitation/injury prevention measures taken into consideration. Constant feedback between therapist and trainer will ensure you return to your chosen sport/activity fitter and stronger than before.

Price: As discussed with therapist


Extended treatment options

Follow Up Treatment

30 or 60 mins per session

This appointment will carry out the indicated treatment or exercise rehabilitation protocol that was discussed with you at your consultation. It can range from sports massage, joint mobilisation, exercise rehabilitation taping/strapping or electrotherapy.

Price: £35/£60

sports performance rehabilitation

Special offer

2 in 1 Week Special

Enjoy two 30-min sessions for the price of one hour when used in the same week. Applies to sports massage and/or injury treatment. Discount will be given at time of payment.

Save £10

Personal training

Back on Track Injury Clinic works closely with the Personal Training Team at Crossfit A14. They are on hand to help you take your training and sport performance to a new level. For more information on pricing please see their website.

 All fitness and training sessions can be tailored to suit your rehabilitation goals through a close working relationship between our Therapists and their Trainers. If you would like more information about sports performance rehabilitation training please get in touch.